Timber Floors @ Chadstone Carpet Court

The natural beauty provided by real timber means this type of flooring is highly sought after by interior designers and consumers alike - prefinished products are especially popular.

Timbers are available in a variety of species, plank thicknesses, widths and finishes.

All our products are superior in quality and affordable in price!

Laminate Floors @ Chadstone Carpet Court

Today, laminate flooring provides you with the realistic look of wood at an affordable price.

Like carpets, and most things in life, there are significant differences in price depending on the quality.

Click or self locking profiles, are the most popular. Important questions to ask that will assist you to determine the quality of a laminate floor are: How thick is the board? How wear resistant, scratch resistant indentation resistant is the surface?

Floating Floors

Floating Floors are engineered flooring tiles or planks that are not adhered to the sub-floor.

There are many styles available in various qualities, depending on a number of factors such as ‘wear layers’ & ‘biscuit’ (or base) quality. They are available in two main forms – Timber & Laminate.

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Australian hardwood species

Timber is a natural product that includes naturally occurring variations. Features such as gum veins, insect trails, grain variations, fine checks and cracks are natural features that have been deliberately included to give Boral timber flooring a unique character. Colour variation within a species is a beautiful feature of Australian hardwood timber. As a result, timber samples can only be a general guide to the features and colour variations found in a given species. Timber is a natural product and commonly reacts to changes in atmospheric conditions such as humidity and temperature. This is considered normal.